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I am an ancient watcher of nature and her seasons.  I learned early on that in times of stress the trees gave me comfort.  I learned that their wisdom is grander than humans'. In my walks among trees I gain strength, wisdom, serenity, hope and belief.  For many years this comfort was all nonverbal.

I began to hear their communication in words in my head during a late summer evening walk when upon looking up at a tree along the roadside, I heard with utter clarity, "if you turn around now, you might miss getting soaked."  I promptly did turn back to my car.  Just as I was reaching my car, the clouds broke out in a torrential rain.

SInce then, they continue to commune with me.  Not always in words in my head. Now, by knowing they  and all of life wishes to commune with us, I open my heart and feel their intent.  This feeling is often confirmed by an event.  In these pages I hope I share with like-minded readers the messages from the seen and unseen to help guide us on our path while on Earth.

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  1. Mary Lynn McIntosh

    Your brother Steve shared Hallowed on Facebook today. So glad he did ! You have an incredible gift ! Your writing and photography are eye and mind opening. Thank you.


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