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The intent of this blog is to create a forum for expressing my appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us; it offers an opportunity to have counsel with Mother Earth and Spirit. For me, this life and this Blog is about passion and love. I hear and relay the whispers from many forms of life.  It is for those who love the wild in nature and within ourselves.  It is my hope that in the writing that I open a dialogue, and a perception into the wisdom that is present in all life, and with the one's who have been present throughout time.

I love when conversations open a door to infinity, I hope to reach for that star. 

Maybe these writings will also remind us to take inspiration in the breath of life, filling ourselves with the eternal now-ness.  Perhaps, as L Roche writes, then within that breath, the divine will enter us and help us laugh and sing. May this blog create an opening within each of us, an opening to see and feel who we are and to who we can be, to connect with all sentient here, and to encourage all Life to blossom on this planet.

I welcome your comments, your reflections and inspirations.  Please feel free to write and share how these pages affect, move and lighten you.

With love,


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