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The intent of this blog is to create a forum for expressing my appreciation and love of the beauty that surrounds us; it offers an opportunity to have counsel with Mother Earth and Spirit. I welcome comments and contributions from viewers; it is for those who love the wild in nature and within yourself.  It is my hope in writing that I will open discussion, perception and connection with each other and the ones that I love, with the ones that have been present for us through time on this earth. In these conversations I hope to open a peak through to Divine Spirit that moves in All, To offer a peak of inspiration to help us find the breath of life. Initially, in the early writings, the conversations stemmed exclusively from my relationship to trees and wind. Now, I hear and relay the whispers from many forms of life. I hope that the writing and sharing will invite an opening within each of us, an opening to see and feel who we are and to who we can be.  It is my hope to allow for the wisdom that is present with all Life to blossom on this planet.

For me, this life and this Blog is about passion and love.

I welcome your comments, your reflections and inspirations.  Please feel free to write and share how these pages affect, move and lighten you.

With love,


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