Seasonal Happenings

March 18

The wheels turn once more, and the Equinox arrives soon! It arrives quickly like a passenger on a tide of news. So much is flooding in, and shifting in the ground, so much light is spreading from the atmosphere, reaching to our bodies, that the shifting may feel like an upheaval of unknown. Welcome in the plasma of light landing on you like tears. Welcome in the of the spheres of songs that are part of the wave. We are changing, the procession of Equinox brings us more awareness and light. Challenging us to say yes to consciousness

In the Northeast, the balance point has already tipped to noticeably increasing levels of light, and the rivers and springs bubble up irrepressibly. The waters bring so much creativity. Let it wash over you and wash the away the old~

these times may change you and maybe it will be painful. i hope it will feel like stem cells for the soul.

Equinox ~ March 19

February 25

Even though the official calendar informs us that Spring starts on March 21, and the Groundhog informs us we will have a few more weeks of winter, for me, Spring comes when the birds arrive. That day usually occurs around Imbolc, or soon after.

This year, I felt the undeniable shift about a week ago. The morning sounds began to be filled with the songs of teetering birds, of rapping woodpeckers- who have, by the way, found even louder boomboxes of wood to rap out their cosmic beat. And the geese call from the river.

Over the river, the light and spray are mingling in firey delight, twinkling and sparkling in mysterious dance. Daily, I seek to discover how this dance of light cavorting with water happens. I seek, when the water shows the hues of light in form, with purples turning to reds in mysterious metamorphosis, to understand the moment of change.

I delight in their play. When the sun emerges on crisp snow and the iridescent colors turning from one hue to another, or when the wind blows the soft snow back up into the air and one element catches the essence of the other. At that moment, whether it is the light trailing on the water, or spray captured by the light, there is an ephemeral dance of spirit.

This moment is when the ordinary turns into sparkles, rainbow, and magic. This is when Spring had arrived. This is when the "Universal Soul, in the form of the Goddess, who is more ancient than time and younger than spring, has come from beyond eternity to care for you, to fill you with her shining energy and light you up with her laughter." ( L Roche in Radiance Sutras)

We are light and water, Spirit and form, seen and unseen, dancing through a spiral of time. The universe, and all the elements mingle and play with us now, as winter moves into Spring. I delight to have caught this date with the Divine.

Feb 3

The call of Spring stirs us to walk our path into the unknown this later winter early spring day. The Elements mix and mingle ~ warm sun, cold winds, running streams, falling snow. Stirring hearts, unknown adventures. Susurrating forests and warming fires

January 16

There is many changes around us in the ethers, and many astrological shifts that are making me feel at times as though the ground is moving in a ripple. I seem to not remember things as well as though the moment between now and now changes my perspective so fast that I can not hold a thought.

I mention this because many people are feeling the changing energies. I can not say how it will feel in a day, a week, or a month. I do suggest trying to stay in flow, of keeping your eyes on what you love and laughing as often as possible.

There is support, there is hope. It snows today in Vermont. Blanketing us.

January 11, 2024

The moon is behind the earth, or in the perspective of the moon, the earth is occluding the sun. The dark of the moon is where I stand, knowing my inner spark lights my inner world. Where will this spark lead?

Decenmber 25

Fog fills the atmosphere today,
Catching the illuminated light and holding it here longer, and keeping it visible, palpable in the water-filled air. As I say this, I see light crystals twinkling in the air as though the water confirms my imaginings.
Thank you water for coming today
Thank you trees for catching the fog on your tendrils
Thank you for bringing this blessed water down to the earth, to your roots, to our hands, face and feet.
To heal this lovely planet
Dear light and water, bring your expanded light to heal our hearts, bodies and mind. That we may sing in beauty and laughter with you ♥️🙏🏼

December 21

The newly born crescent moon peaked out between dark bare branches in the creeping dusk of day recently. It looked brave to be shining so clearly, even as it was pencil thin. The thin light looked like the beginning curve of the white of the yin yang. That evening, moon was preparing to set and rest again.

Solstice, was still a few days away then, and yet, on the walk, I felt the shift into stillpoint. Like we had at last arrived. Since then, the light peaks through, and remains steady, neither gaining, nor decreasing. The stillness lasts, and today, we find we are arriving at the point of shift. And crescent moon builds to full

Still, deep and quiet.

December 15

I have a nebulous grasp of organization, more prone to allowing for chance, the wind and intuition to locate items. This generally works. Until Mercury goes retrograde as it did a couple of days ago.

Then... the goal is flow. When I can't find my glasses? Well, allow things to be fuzzy. When I can't find my solstice cards? Well, maybe they will show up in an unexpected place soon. I try to plan less, leave room for things to take longer and Flow. That works ok for about 2 weeks... Mercury goes direct in 3. Until then, I will be looking for those cards I made....

December 12

Today is a new moon 🌑, in Sagittarius, the Centaur. I wonder, where am I aiming my arrow? I wonder, where is my next destination for this arrow? I summon hope in bow to help me aim well.

These are the questions and thoughts on my mind today.

November 14



October 18

I am writing after the first eclipse of October, having been unable to manage October energies and computer at same time. I wanted to write about these eclipses because they bring fresh wind of change into your life. Where do you feel stagnant. Use this time of shifting energy and winds to create new container for your joy

Here is a quote about winds of change ~

"When Wind comes as medicine, you’re being invited to recognize the value of chaos. Windstorms provide necessary chaos to clear the air and spread seeds so plants and trees can take root in new fields. Right now it may seem as if your world has been turned upside down, but this is a temporary storm that will blow over. Perhaps communication has broken down between you and another, or your many to-do lists are overwhelming you. The medicine is to simplify, slow down, course correct if you need to, and wait out the storm to clean things up. Just know that all storms have great value if you can remain neutral during their course. Greater clarity and good things will come from it all. Remember, this too shall pass." Collette Baron Reid

October 1

The sun has come out again

The foliage is right on time, yesterday’s Full Moon still lights the night with inspiration. The new season is here

The Sun and we now start our inward journey, a descent, into the luxurious darkness of late fall and winter

We are right on time

September 23

The wheels of the year turn and pause today in a portal called Equinox. There is a stillness in the air, today. The exact time of the switch was in the wee hours of morn here, eventide time. That sacred time pervades through the energy of today

The bird songs have quieted; the sounds from the forest are a gentle, with susurration and sighing from unseen breezes. The beat and sound of crickets emphasizes the quietness in the air. Fading flowers radiate gratitude ~ I feel filled with this gentleness.

“ Sun wains upon the field
….. Day turns tonight again”

a prayer, a gift that I say on this portal day and wish for everyone ~

“May we be open to the highest consciousness of Love”

Thank you dear dear ones for traveling this wheel of the year with me now and into the turns to come.

September 13 ~

There is a new moon tomorrow evening. A Virgo moon meeting with the Virgo sun. The pull within for and from a moon examining the health and balances is increasing day by day. This morning, I felt a relief in the mystical golden beauty of dawn. That some things, like color, dawn, mist, gentleness, forgiveness are gifts that we can not "earn" or create. Merely, humbly accept.

The photo below is a sunset in the mist. This morning's sunrise was elusive and the mist not visible in the camera's eye. The rose-gold finger of dawn reminded me of hope and grace. Of mystery and unseen blessings in journeys we travel.

Blessings to you on this new moon of September


June 17

New moon or dark of the moon now, the internal space is a good place to drift around in today, with heart and eyes open, on a day like today

how can you support yourself while you take this time to self-nurture?

Where are the places from which you can create, to draw out the magic of your soul?

July 16 ~ Elder flower still blooms. That feels miraculous in these rainy days, miraculous to see her resilience

July 2

A summer full moon has crept up for us. The sleepy rainy nights that have kept the new england rich in moisture has hidden the moon most night. Now, tomorrow morning, the moon will be complete and full. The moon will shine bright on the inside, even if we can not see her shadows on the outside. Gaze at that illusive moonlight on your inner waters, what does it illuminate for you. They mysterious becomes possible in this light. The fairy light visible.

Concrete mind may dismiss these whimsies, and imaginings. Let your self believe.

The Full moon is in Capricorn and the shadow side of this sign is a dismissal of whimsy and self-comfort. I remind myself that self-compassion is a bold strength. Desire for beauty, love and laughter is a natural inner longing. A gift to you.

June 21

Light and Shadow moving in eternal dance of love ~

~ 🌟Solstice 🌟 ~

I can feel the Solstice energy. Officially, the time of shift is 10:30-11:33 EDT. I feel it oozing into the day already. This Solstice feels deep and inward. This Solstice feels like an invitation to slow down and do mindful things : Bring flowers into your home, Light candles, Mix scented herbs to fill the air with their aroma, Read words that inspire. Nourish yourself. Sit by water. Create and pause to acknowledge all the gifts here today.

In the words of Lorna Bevan : "Summer represents patience to trust that, with Cancerian nurturing, the seeds you planted during April and May will grow."

Patience AND Trust. I shall hold that.

June 18

Happy New Moon. The moon turned new just past midnight today.

Clouds fill the mind and the skies. We have cool days and cool nights.

I believe the seeds I planted this Spring will thrive. It is faith.

June 13

A powerful energizing new moon happens on June 17-18. The dark of the moon often brings us to more internal dialogues. This one, so close to the solstice has an energy of turning inward and outward. Of asking questions and listening to our intuition. The solstice fires will then draw us out to burn bright.

May 31

Solstice approaches. Onions must gain all of their green growth prior to the solstice in this area. After the Solstice, the onions begin to put growth into their bulb. The more Green above ground, the more juice and growth they have to put into themselves below ground.

Normally, we think of growing like a tree, deeper roots for greater canopy. Perhaps in May and June, we get to break that rule and reach upward, look upward, reach outward for inspiration and growth. Only to consolidate all this growth into a nest of abundance within in the months to come.

Happy growing to the heavens

April 29

It is almost May day, also known as Beltane.

Here are a few suggestions for how you may honor the shifting of seasons. Some of these are traditional, and some of more recent invention ~
•walk at dawn to see the increasing light and notice how the lightrays land on the greening Earth,
•wash your face in the morning dew,
•tie ribbons on trees as decoration and gifts,
•bring spring greens and flowers into your home. Reds, orange, and pink colors add to spring brightness,
• make crowns of flowers by braiding them together,
•look for fairy signs (hint: look near water or under logs, and near flowers),
•create a Beltane alter,
•bring in fresh fragrant herbs for sweet dreams. You might put them under your pillow,
•bring flowers to neighbors and loved ones

Here is my basket of flowers I imagine I send to your doorstep on this May day
Happy Spring, dear friends

April 19

An eclipse of the sun occurs within 12 hours of now. I notice that I grow sleepy waiting for the shifting into different timelines, the shift spoken about in prophecies of this time. I also notice emotional themes that rise unbidden from the void of my existence in last few days. I suppose since they are loud, they will be around throughout the coming eclipse seasons.

They could be summed up in the statement, my work, my gifts, my love, all as a unique and individual expression of Spirit demand my attention, my diligence and my showing up to the best of my ability.

I also feel passionate desire that all unique individual expressions flourish now.
We have learned, from the past, and will choose differently, won't we? We won't hammer out the future with the dull instrument of anger and rage.

Instead, I hope to trace the possibilities of all possibilities with the finesse of a dancer, the vision of a seer, the love of an artist and the hope of a child.

March 19

Collect your shoulds and oughts and have a bonfire to the past.
Gather your celebrations and laughter and seed your heart with their company

Balance your day with your night, your grief with your presence.
Tend the shimmering veil of your dreams, gather in preparation for the season to come.

In song lines, hold fast to the dreams,
and the knowledge your dreams have given you

Happy Equinox and Happy New moon

February 20

we are now closer to Equinox than Solstice. The daylight grows longer and the liminal space brings great silence. Listen into the silence and allow for the feelings to flow. Especially good now, to do this listening at the start of the moon cycle which is today, as well as at the start of Pisces season, which started this weekend past.

“Silence is a portal,” and to go through that portal requires listening. On the other side, is inspiration and magic. On this new moon day, we have a hint, a whisper, a dream of the magic. Hold your vision steady for that inspiration.

Bring your intent and ease yourself into the stream, drift with the flow.

February 2

A Celtic cross quarter day, a day that is halfway between Solstice and Equinox

I found some lovely suggestions for how to celebrate this festival - you can do these any day or night. As It is deep winter here, with little green from the ground, I will search for the inner metaphor, noticing the glimmer that shines on the edges, offering hope for change ~ changes to come and changes past

Here are the Suggestions that I found:

•Notice the morning light ~ let it fill your eyes
•Search for the green and green linings, however they appear
•Gather the greenings to bring them inside
•Look for new life and the breakthroughs, within and without
•Light a candle and drop into the darkness where potential resides
•Honor places and images of fertility and the opportunities for potential
•Review old intentions and set seeds of new intentions
•Bring out herbes of the season that you enjoy
•Write about new beginnings, and record the subtle changes you witness in life
•Meditate on all this

January 24

I note a few astral happenings of note- one that I missed discussing, and one still visible in the sky.

The first was the new moon that just passed, and also happens to be the Lunar new Year. And what a powerful new year it is/was. This new year pushes us all into the change we want to be, brings us to the threshold and invites us to step over into the new. Please, guides, angels, ancestors, Great Spirit, help me to take that quantum step and bring in the world my heart envisions.

The other piece of new is there is an Emerald Green Comet approaching our night sky.

Oh my... I welcome the Greening of the sky and the Earth.

January 4

The moon waxes as the Earth slowly, slowly tilts toward the sun.
The contrast of these energies is making a bit of havoc in my gut. On one hand, most things are still on a cautious trajectory, on the other, where the moon that most influences me is, it is all systems go. It is pull the stops and sing out loud, it is let the universe hear your full wave.

I admit, I don't have any clue yet, how to best manage this polarity. I am trying to breathe, ride the full moon swells and troughs and calm my achy nerves. I am finding ponds a little helpful too.

Happy Solstice to you!

The Solstice point arrives early in the morning of 20th.

The actual length of daylight does not change for several days. I find this fascinating, that the dark and light hover at the same calibration for a whole week. Between the 18th and 25, there is only 10 seconds of difference in how much light we receive. And then the increase on the 26 is 1 whole minute. It is as though the skies, the cosmos lingers in this still point. Hoping we will catch on... Will we open to the new vibrations pouring in from the cosmos? Pam Gregory suggests that we welcome in the highest consciousness of love.

The light and dark bring us to a new you and a new me, as each year unfolds, before us and behind us, like the wake of your passage drifting away behind and the trail of the sun leading you forward
May beauty be your guide.

“May what is hidden in you
become your gift to give”


October 19

The imminent solar eclipse, when the moon catches up to the Sun, is happening on a 24/25 portal, just after the Sun moves over into Scorpio. The time between the veils, the time between two days, the time between light and shadow.
The Sun who helps us navigate in the light and shadow will be hidden by the moon who helps us face our fears of the dark. And both will feel hidden, as it is a new moon. This is intense deep magic to help uncover the shadows within. Let the darkness arrive. Let it show you ki's face.
In times like these, I use a lot of things from my tool box, breathing through the fears, and inner demons, remembering I am a particle of the universe in its entirely, an eternal hologram of the whole.
Bless you and me as we take this dive into the unknown. .... Where we emerge? who knows.

October 9

The ravens sing to the setting sun and the rising fullmoon tonight. Ushering in magic and wonder. What will be your magic?

September 22 ~

Summer arrived and whoosh went my attention to outside projects, letting posting to this page slip. How fitting that I return to it on the Equinox, when the wheel of the year turns toward Autumn.

Happy Equinox
A time of reviewing what the events of the year have brought to us, and how we would like to respond.
A time when the balances of yin and yang help us have balance in our thoughts, body, heart and soul.
A time when we can look at the reflections in the waters of our lives and see how we influence them

Many happy days and nights to you, and Happy Equinox

May 15 ~ on this day there is a solar eclipse when the Full moon will be in Scorpio. Blessings as you cull through the parts of your life that brings yes, and those parts that do not. Compassion and laughter helps. What tickles you today? Remember that when the light is temporarily eclipsed.

May 4

Happy almost 5/5/22, Cinqo de Mayo

There will be a powerful Full Moon eclipse on May 15-16 when the veils to spirit and change and possibility will be quiet thin.

Feed the vision you wish to see.


Novemeber 7, 2021

The Sliver moon sets before dark settles here, so lovely to see, I hope you do. And near the moon is the beautiful planet Venus

September 26,

Mercury, friend of gadgets, conversations and information appears to turn backward, thus making for a good time to rewind, review, reflect and generally pause. Today, Mercury, the planet of the mind appears to stand still. Notice if you can slow your own thoughts and then observe them so much more gently. This stand still will shift to "retrograding" soon and make many aspects to planets that make us consider our shadows. May be a very fertile time for growth for all of us.

September 20,2021

Today is a Full moon in Pisces and the Equinox is on the 22nd. Two major cosmological events so close in time. The first seems to invite me to explore the mystery of faith, trust, inner light. The second demands me e to find the inner balance of rest and activity. A work in progress for me.

July 9-10

Depending on your place in the world, we have a new moon in the Moon's sign of Cancer on July 9th. There may be a feeling of fate around it, and it will be a time to listen to your feelings and let the rivers of your feelings flow as they wish, for the river will always intuitively return to the ocean, she will find her way home.

Blessings for your flow

March 19-20

Tonight is the balance point of Equinox. The day is split between light and dark. The Yin and yang energy is swirling and finding balance within. The place of home on Earth receives and returns the energies with give and take. Then there is the in between space, that allows for potential and possibility.

From the Earth to the heavens and from heaven to Earth, the energy moves in a flow. This energy is moving within our spine all the time, and within the cosmos, whether we know it or not. Give yourself the gift to tune to this flow for a moment. Tuning in helps to nourish the Qi and balance us. We don't always realize that we are walking transmitters from heaven to earth and back. May the rebalancing allow for new beginnings and new energy.

March 12-13

A powerful New Moon in Pisces tonight into tomorrow

A magical time to dream dreams, make art, allow for the nonphysical to bless and transform your life.

March will soon lead to Aries fires of Spring, dream and coax magic of this time a little longer

February 27,

The beautiful Full moon shone through the night in my window. I had the impression of coral waves of light emanating of unified wholeness from the moon to all of the cosmos. Bringing together the pieces to make those pieces feel in harmony once more. May it be so.

February 9,

A new moon approaches on the 11th. It will offer a big boost for new things and new perspectives. What ways can you address your life with new tools? Using the old tools is no longer an option for many of us.

Today is also a day for considering new ways we can address our path to wholeness with new ideas and energy. The question that came to me is, how can I treasure myself today? How can I treasure me And this day?

I will write more on this in the Venus Muse in a day or two.

January 26

A full moon in Leo arrives This Thursday, the 28th. It comes with full voice and desire to be seen. It is also known as the wolf moon. It is a counterpuntal note to the Aquarian energies of this month.

With Saturn, Sun, Jupiter all closely conversing in Aquarius, the moon will shine a bright voice reminding one to honor one's heart in the midst of the group.

January 13, 2021

New moon, in Capricorn
Conjunct the sun at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time


Solstice time at 5:05 AM EST
Solstice Blessings to all of you!


There is another eclipse coming on December 14, as this is a solar eclipse, it will help to bring to a close all the intense work we have faced internally this eventful year. It is also a preparation for the miraculous conjunction on December 21 of two planets in the beginning degree of Aquarius. We will feel the shift this week. Sara Varcus describes it as : as soft as Autumn mists and tough as Winter storms. The challenge will be to be open to both.

The middle road is always the challenge. To listen to our hearts and the heart of another. Blessings are present here should we choose to see and accept them. Perhaps the proverbial blessing in disguise, but a blessing nonetheless.


There will be a partial lunar eclipse on 11/30 when the moon is in Gemini
It is a good time to make a decision to start something you want to bring into your life.

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