Seasonal Happenings

September 22 ~

Summer arrived and whoosh went my attention to outside projects, letting posting to this page slip. How fitting that I return to it on the Equinox, when the wheel of the year turns toward Autumn.

Happy Equinox
A time of reviewing what the events of the year have brought to us, and how we would like to respond.
A time when the balances of yin and yang help us have balance in our thoughts, body, heart and soul.
A time when we can look at the reflections in the waters of our lives and see how we influence them

Many happy days and nights to you, and Happy Equinox

May 15 ~ on this day there is a solar eclipse when the Full moon will be in Scorpio. Blessings as you cull through the parts of your life that brings yes, and those parts that do not. Compassion and laughter helps. What tickles you today? Remember that when the light is temporarily eclipsed.

May 4

Happy almost 5/5/22, Cinqo de Mayo

There will be a powerful Full Moon eclipse on May 15-16 when the veils to spirit and change and possibility will be quiet thin.

Feed the vision you wish to see.


Novemeber 7, 2021

The Sliver moon sets before dark settles here, so lovely to see, I hope you do. And near the moon is the beautiful planet Venus

September 26,

Mercury, friend of gadgets, conversations and information appears to turn backward, thus making for a good time to rewind, review, reflect and generally pause. Today, Mercury, the planet of the mind appears to stand still. Notice if you can slow your own thoughts and then observe them so much more gently. This stand still will shift to "retrograding" soon and make many aspects to planets that make us consider our shadows. May be a very fertile time for growth for all of us.

September 20,2021

Today is a Full moon in Pisces and the Equinox is on the 22nd. Two major cosmological events so close in time. The first seems to invite me to explore the mystery of faith, trust, inner light. The second demands me e to find the inner balance of rest and activity. A work in progress for me.

July 9-10

Depending on your place in the world, we have a new moon in the Moon's sign of Cancer on July 9th. There may be a feeling of fate around it, and it will be a time to listen to your feelings and let the rivers of your feelings flow as they wish, for the river will always intuitively return to the ocean, she will find her way home.

Blessings for your flow

March 19-20

Tonight is the balance point of Equinox. The day is split between light and dark. The Yin and yang energy is swirling and finding balance within. The place of home on Earth receives and returns the energies with give and take. Then there is the in between space, that allows for potential and possibility.

From the Earth to the heavens and from heaven to Earth, the energy moves in a flow. This energy is moving within our spine all the time, and within the cosmos, whether we know it or not. Give yourself the gift to tune to this flow for a moment. Tuning in helps to nourish the Qi and balance us. We don't always realize that we are walking transmitters from heaven to earth and back. May the rebalancing allow for new beginnings and new energy.

March 12-13

A powerful New Moon in Pisces tonight into tomorrow

A magical time to dream dreams, make art, allow for the nonphysical to bless and transform your life.

March will soon lead to Aries fires of Spring, dream and coax magic of this time a little longer

February 27,

The beautiful Full moon shone through the night in my window. I had the impression of coral waves of light emanating of unified wholeness from the moon to all of the cosmos. Bringing together the pieces to make those pieces feel in harmony once more. May it be so.

February 9,

A new moon approaches on the 11th. It will offer a big boost for new things and new perspectives. What ways can you address your life with new tools? Using the old tools is no longer an option for many of us.

Today is also a day for considering new ways we can address our path to wholeness with new ideas and energy. The question that came to me is, how can I treasure myself today? How can I treasure me And this day?

I will write more on this in the Venus Muse in a day or two.

January 26

A full moon in Leo arrives This Thursday, the 28th. It comes with full voice and desire to be seen. It is also known as the wolf moon. It is a counterpuntal note to the Aquarian energies of this month.

With Saturn, Sun, Jupiter all closely conversing in Aquarius, the moon will shine a bright voice reminding one to honor one's heart in the midst of the group.

January 13, 2021

New moon, in Capricorn
Conjunct the sun at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time


Solstice time at 5:05 AM EST
Solstice Blessings to all of you!


There is another eclipse coming on December 14, as this is a solar eclipse, it will help to bring to a close all the intense work we have faced internally this eventful year. It is also a preparation for the miraculous conjunction on December 21 of two planets in the beginning degree of Aquarius. We will feel the shift this week. Sara Varcus describes it as : as soft as Autumn mists and tough as Winter storms. The challenge will be to be open to both.

The middle road is always the challenge. To listen to our hearts and the heart of another. Blessings are present here should we choose to see and accept them. Perhaps the proverbial blessing in disguise, but a blessing nonetheless.


There will be a partial lunar eclipse on 11/30 when the moon is in Gemini
It is a good time to make a decision to start something you want to bring into your life.

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