Seasonal photos ~

January 30

January 28

January light is palpably different ~

More frosted beauty

December Frost arrives ~

Fog graces us ~

November changes

ginkgo leaves

beech leaf

October sky

October 18

September gifts~

September 23-25

September 10-15

Early September


July 20

a beaver pond ~

July 9

garden photos ~

This photo may not capture the grandness of the Mullen I discovered in a friend's garden ~

And poppies in another ~

Solstice ~

June ~

Early June Flowers ~

May 17 ~ May has provided abundance of images ~ from the still tender leaves, mesmerizing bark, pollinating trees, wild flower tableaus and moving animals. I hope you enjoy the following selection ~

A traveler leaving a trail after laying eggs:

May 9 ~

From a field ~

From a forest ~

May 6 ~
happy birthday Spring!

the sun emerges after two weeks of inclemency and we see the effects

and, I feel ready to plant ~


More April flowers with spring gifts ~

Spring flowers also known as ephemera~

Blood root
Round leaf yellow violet shining a bright as the sun
Spring Beauty
Trout Lilly
cultivated lungwort

April light:

March 24 Turkeys left calling card during their recent visit ~

March 17 during the storm of 3/14

March 8

pausing to be grateful for the small gifts on this momentous day of change

February 28

February 15

dawn ~

February 6

February 3

Bundled to my eyebrows in a moment of Arctic sound waves. As happy as could be~

January 29

January 24

January 8 ~

Magnola buds, braving an ice storm, looking windblown, like the protagonist in The Little Prince.

January 4

December 30 ~ Ice play

December 22

The cottontail rabbit heading for my garden

I am happy to know the family eats well and thrives

December 18

December 16

December 12

December 4

November 27

November 1

October 18

October 19 ~ The leaves are falling

October 11 A feast for all ~ (see Venus Muse page for more photos)

Overwhelming October Beauty~ Pictures are a reflection for the boundless beauty,

Water images capturing a different spirit in motion ~

Fall Bounty

September 29

a late fall rose

And a flaming sunrise

Almost Equinox


look who arises from the rocks ~

An elder:

Happy September, The first of the new super monarchs ready to flutter south

August 25 morning in a cloud

August 24

Clues left in the forest floor ~

August 17

August 10

The sunset on August 6

August 2

Early July Flowers ~

Chicory flower just opening to the sun
Blue Vervain
A petite unknown flower

Solstice flowers ~


June 7

Snap dragons mingling with the locals : )
There have been rainbows in the clouds this June

June 4

More May

A few favorites

Violets upstage of garlic tops, in full bloom
Nettle tops, and sweet golden and violet flower beauty
Coltsfoot puffs before dispersing their seeds, and dandelion blooms mingling

Early May ~

There is a quality of light that arrives in May. It arrived the other day with the leaves emerging from the trees. One has a sense that one can see the refractions in the light range. That one can see the particles moving in waves to make a shifting light pouring down on us through the tree limbs, while the trees are beginning to wave in green, a green that can be felt, never described. Between the emerging leaves waving gracefully in the light, and the light, we stand in celebration.

Here are some images that reflect these impressions :

May 8

Sky magic ~

May 2

April 18

A place with a view ~

A magnolia Bud:

Black maple buds:

April 5

This ancient one has the biggest buds nearly ready to burst open

April 2

A bowl of frozen sap ~

March 23

Today’s light and news

March 20

The next photo is of the largest registered Sugar Maple in Vermont.

March 16

March 13

Gifts from the last snow storm ~

March 5

More winter photos from February

February storms bring crystal clarity

February ~

January 2022, Happy New to All ~

Dec 11, 2021 ( A palindrome)

December 5, 2021

December 2

December 1

Speechless, and beautiful

November 19

Images from other admirers in other parts of the country

November 10

November 2

Morning Meetings : )

October 30

October 19, 2021

The above photo is the fall blooming witch hazel~ magic
After looking at the sun set after work, I turned around... and saw this miracle. Life is full of wonders~
May the rainbow show us the light in the midst of our path. So hopeful


I don't know where this hollow is, but Hallow indeed. Thank you Dano for the photo.

September 22, Equinox

What could this little friend be? : )
This zinnia has a basal leaf of three leaves- a trinity!

Sept 12

Look for the hummingbird on the right in these photos

Sept 6

New moon gifts ~

Monarch caterpillar rescue Still clinging to the wood chips where I found her, before moving her to a new home

Sept 2, Some early Fall photos ~

Life bursting out of its shell, winter beans that felt the hot humid days and started to swell.

August 22

July 31~

July provides us with more rain.... Blessed water, and blessed sky that can peak through the clouds

July 22 ~ a yellow harvest day

July 13 ~ Inspiration of water and air and Spirit

July 7

In Honor of water's flowing and reflective nature~

June bouquets

June Specials~

Two magical lunar moths on a friend's screen, June 7
Maple Leaf Viburnum that appeared next door from somewhere...

June 2
a little glimpse into the earthdom homes ~

May 30

Rain has so many blessings~

Locust trees in bloom

May 18 ~ More Yellows of Spring ~

Tis the season of yellow in abundance, in playfulness and in gentleness

May 11

A new and yet ancient ingredient for tea. Amazingly uplifting and calming. So sweet of a find.

May 2

Quaking Aspen

April 27

Some new photos, and there are some other fun ones on The Venus Muse page.
These dangling branches are the branches of a sugar maple in bloom

April 10

After the pussy willow,
comes the red maple... Oh my....

April 7

Some new friends greeting the Spring light. The coltsfoot, the second image, was growing at the edge of gravel and a river. Life taking root in a place of transience~

March 27 Snow has melted

March 20

March 6~

A young bear out early this Spring

March 2, 2021~

February 26,

The beautiful elongated shadows of Winter ~

February of 2021 is bright and cold in Vermont. Still, there is sap running in the trees.

The Sun lures me to thinking Spring has come, and the river knows better...

Blue sky peaking through before a winter storm~

Snow covered witch hazel flowers~

Winter day shadows

Some views of the river freezing ❄️

January 5, 2021

The first photo was my attempt to capture the mysterious effects of fog moving through a farm. It appears I was in a Monet painting.

This first one is from Jonas Fricke aka if not I than who
Then ~

More winter skies.. two days before the Solstice, these two are sunset

And some friends~

Early December~

A late season kayak~

Autumn delights

I notice that it is difficult to capture the shifting energies and light of early September. I have tried a few flower photos, but they fall short of the intensity of color. Instead, I found a bouquet this morning that said everything, the resilient brilliance of end of summer beauty:

And here are a few more that capture the light and angles of reflection~

August moments

A morning harvest~

Mystical mornings and Evenings~

Visitors in my garden

And I have never seen a red eft climbing a goldenrod stem!!

June treats

Grout Pond:

A Snapping Turtle on her way to a new pond : )

One of my favorite beings~ I guess I revere them all and this one holds a special spot too in all of creation~ Foxglove a balm for the soul and heart

May 13

May 12 What one leaflet produces this young branch, and next photo is several spring Beech trees in leaf

May 9. Early morning Spring snow on a friendly ally~nettles

May 4~

First trees of May to leaf in my woods~ Aspen : )

April 27~

April 25, 2020
I am excited to record the changes and blessings of the seasons with photos.

I will add, some favorites of mine and others. PLEASE Feel free to send some of your favorite local photos reflecting the earth in her many colors

Here are a few favorites~ Beaked Hazelnut in bloom, Reflections, and Spring Beauty

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