A Balancing Point

I find it is time, past time even, for an invitation for tea! Let's meet every year, dear friends, when we can dream of the most fanciful cups of tea together.

Please, Come, share a cup of tea and dreams with me today. Let your fancy follow the rainbow to the Gold of your heart. Let your imagination soar on the wings of the eagle and find you have arrived, let the stories unfold with sparkling mysteries keeping us afire with inspiration.
Here is to you ~

In this post, I have made a montage of the Gifts that the Equinox has brought to me today. Wishing you all a Blessed Equinox. If you wish to read more entries on other matters of the heart, here is a link to the Venus page where I muse on other fancies of the moment ~ Venus Muse~

Sunset has not yet happened, but here is a photo of a sunset in another year ~ So Much Love!

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