Vulnerable and Resilient

I saw a dove today, all white, flying over a field of corn not yet planted. This brave dove flew up and then around in a circle, against a background of grey clouds.

Such an act of courage and resilience to fly in a perfect circle for all to see.
Shimmering white wings of hope against a sheet of grey sky
Restoring breath to my lungs.

I love seeing signs and symbols in the course of my day ~ ones that remind me of hope, and a connection to a greater web of beauty. Symbols like birds or feathers floating in the air, like rainbows and colors hovering in the clouds, like synchronicity of thought and heart, like seeing a long-missed friend of whom I was just thinking. These gifts all spark joy in my heart and lift a smile from my soul.

When I pause to watch for these signs, they connect me, instantaneously, to a greater lattice-work of intricacy that weaves me and the web of life intimately together. The signs lift my spirit up to possibility, and to hope for regeneration: One moment, I am dry and bleak, the next, the goddess has entered in my breath, like a renewal of life, allowing me to see with eyes that can see. These signs remind me of the pulsing vibrant web we live in, though my mind can sometimes forget this shimmering world I live in. These gifts bring me to an inner fountain of Yes.

I left my home today on a quest. The quest to listen, watch and move my body, hoping that the motion would help me shift, would help me hear the notes of light which my heart was missing. I left the yurt, thinking it would be the mountain, or the trees, or the wind that would wave the magic wand and lift the veils.
The dove came first.
And as I mentioned, at that moment, the breath of life returned.

When I arrived at my destination, it occurred to me that the inclination, the very impulse and desire to look for a sign, any sign of hope, requires, in the seeker, a combination of vulnerability and strength, a daunting blend of fear and vision, of hope and resilience. There is vulnerability in seeking the sign. There is strength and resilience in persevering. There is hope in the possibility of connection and communication with Sprit, and there is courage in trying. This alchemical mix, and its exact proportions, is a mystery and an ever changing recipe. I can jot down the recipe of today, yet each time will be different. And each time, it is the heart that knows deeply the answer found.

So courageous to fly so exposed in the field of one's dreams, shimmering in the color of one's choice. So brave to expose oneself to the potential of one's visions.

So strong to surrender to and accept one's vulnerabilities and open to the mysterious elements present, so daring to open to the revolutionary concept that one's actions and dreams matter in the web of life.

For the dove, what courage to fly free in an open field for all to see. What strength to persevere in face of the unknown, and untraveled paths. What resilience to persevere, and what vulnerability to keep believing in the regeneration of life itself.

It requires all these ingredients in a uncertain blend to remember to look up, where one will see the Spring. Surrendering to this alchemy is like love.

This magic is alchemy.

Images of resilience, vulnerability and hope ~

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