Songs of Revelation

The sensation of today comes to me as soft. Soft and gentle.

These words describe the quality in the day.

The wind feels like a gentle sleepy puppy

The sounds feels soft as murmurs in my dreams

The atmosphere, as gentle as the flutter of wings on my skin.

No compass calls out to follow

No philosophy needs pursuing

No thought demands answering

Only breath.

Very, Very quiet

One might say, "all feels still, or silent," but the day is neither. A tide of quiet, a momentum of softness feels closer to the experience . The moment is as quiet as snow landing on snow, as breath on the wind, as quiet as a wonder in the sky, or moonlight through a cloud.

The day does have movement: Birds wander in and over to the feeder and shrubs with various calls of hello, uplifting sounds offered among true friends.

Whispers run through the trees in flocks;
Comfortable slow-paced musings from and on the nature of living;
Casual correspondence between deep friends;
One can lean into today and feel the cozy plush of the atmosphere, Comings and goings on the wings of deep healing

Gentle, ticklish, whispery, soft, and companionable.

I hear the words,
from whom, I do not know ~
"a song of revelation."

Perhaps a portent of time to come:
Guests that provide a song of songs
A song of the soul
a Song that reveals deeply, truly and gently.

2 thoughts on “Songs of Revelation

  1. Tom Deshaies

    It feels like you "just were," Catherine, perfectly aware of the quieting happening as autumn progresses towards winter and so much of our world sleeps . . . Thank you for inspiring me to pause and listen, feel, and just be.


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