Venus path (3)

"Brothers and Sisters, Here is what I know, here is what I know and it goes like this~
"In your love my Salvation lies, In your love, My Salvation lies."

Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch

The path of Venus is The path of the heart

A few days before Venus started this particular journey, she brushed up with the Pleiades, the seven sister star cluster. In the evening in the western sky I got to see Venus just below the little cluster of stars. I have always loved this group of stars~ a magical cluster associated with a magical number.

I also have always loved that the best way to see this star community is by averting one's eyes, by seeking their home just off the actual location. I like to think perhaps, like the heart, one best sees the Pleiades when not using the glare of rational perspective or preconceived notion of place, time and form. Instead, when softening the vision, one can really See!! And humorously, when practicing this skill at night, my mind almost always jumps in and flicks my eyes back to the actual physical spot saying, "really, all that is in that cluster??", only to be rewarded with the dimmed-down version of a smudge.

I like knowing that when I widen my gaze with reverence, or indeed sidle up to any being, with honor, humility and hope that I see More beauty than is in my dreams. It feels when this happens that I see a spark of the Divine in that eternal moment ~ Will I See you if I Look from a new different angle, a different spot? What if I look here? Or here? Then will I See You??

Regarding the magic of this month's passing~Much has been written about the Pleiades, saying that they carry unconditional Love for all the earth and her inhabitants. Here is what I know, that when I lie down on this precious earth and avert my eyes to gaze under the sky's mystery, a gentleness enters my Spirit, a gentleness that does not reflect my mental chatter. It is the peace of a warm smile. I leave the moment feeling refreshed, a renewed hope and awe.

Venus passed this warm smile prior to entering her retrograde shadow this year, like a graduate being given the blessing of her kin prior to starting a new petal path; prior to her descent into the underworld. It brings scope to this journey. That even the stars are not alone. That even the stars have their kin sharing encouragement and support. ("Go team GO...")

I celebrate her, and our star kin. And Thank you for being in my life.

Love to all of you

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