The trembling

*A doorway*

I love the way that the wind will talk with yurt, as she did just now.

I may hear the wind rustling and stirring, (and in winter, Roaring) in the forest behind me. Yet that manner of wind is different than the one that just arrived, and will rarely, if ever, move the yurt or make kiself known here.

The wind that arrived just now, comes seemingly out of nowhere, and whispers with gentleness. I only know that the presence has arrived, by a creak in the rafters, a movement in the canvas, and then a lift of a flap as the wind moves on, taking leave as if to say goodbye. All in whispers.

A gentle hush arrives with the wind too. I look up from reading and listen.

And indeed the ravens pause in their call.

I wonder ... what message does this wind bring? What message of wonder travels with the wind today?
And, I wonder, what do the Ravens hear?

Whatever may be the news, It feels hopeful, warm and wise.

A message of hope.


This morning, I awoke, with an excitement tingling in my being. A mixture of anticipation and hope.

I found myself trembling with a feeling, as if surely good news had arrived in the early hours? But what could it be?

Did I hear something while I slept?
Did news arrive in my sleep that my spirit understood and remembered, if not my mind?
Is it due to the beloved season of lights that surrounds us, now that December is here and a new moon approaches? Does it truly bring an offering of hope, balance, Peace, as indeed promised?
Is this feeling from the coming Return of Light, and all that that dear Light symbolizes? Even if the encroaching darkness might have us believe otherwise. I do not yet know the answer.

Light, peace and Balance... Welcome gifts indeed.
Gifts that come down in a moment of grace like a beam of light on a grey winter day, or a passing wind with a quiet song.

In that moment, one feels awakened to the numinous presence in life.

Whatever the trembling news may be, I hope that you can hear it too.

And that with the whispers of this trembling, feel the awareness of Spirit's answer to your own calling, answered by the yearning and moving of your own hearts. And like the Magi in the Adoration, may we fall on our knees in awe and devotion. Moved by instant clarity of the blessing of each step that brought us here, and the love and grace that is held within them.

And still more, that we may Be moved in awe of our very own cup.
I hope we get a glimpse, or better yet, a vision of how we ourselves are the holy grail that we seek. We have yearned for Spirit and Spirit yearns for us, and unites in this vessel that we hold.

And it is this cup that we can offer to life itself.
In the presence of the trembling, we may realize that we have only ourselves to give.
Nothing less. What an honor.

"When life comes into being, it is neither afraid nor desiring, it is just becoming.
Then it gets into being, and it begins to be afraid and desiring.
When you can get rid of fear and desire and just get back to where you’re becoming,
you’ve hit the spot. …
The goal of your quest for knowledge of yourself is to be found
at that burning point in yourself,

"That’s the meaning of the image of the Grail,
of the inexhaustible fountain, of the source.
The source doesn’t care what happens once it gives into being.
It’s the giving and coming into being that counts,
and that’s the becoming life point in you." Joseph Campbell

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