Solstice Blessings

Wishing you the beauty of simplicity,

Wishing you Days of being,
Wishing you Days of walking into the outdoors, into the unknown, and

into the sacred.

Wishing you the time to welcome the the gift of light and rebirth.
Wishing you the time to relish all of these blessings.

I send these cards out to you now, in this post, as envoys of love.

I feel the fibers of light that connect us all, to each other, and to this one blue planet ~ north, south, east and west.

Here are photos of places where friends celebrate both their light, and the sacred of this planet, Here they share the connections with all of us through the gift of photos. So much love to all of you in the season of renewal, of lights and of wonder.

Bufadero in Peru
The Bufadero blow hole
California, Pacific Ocean
Sunrise on Atlantic Ocean
The lights the Solstice night


5 thoughts on “Solstice Blessings

  1. barbara Andrews

    Thank you Catherine, as always, for your inspirational messages and now it is so much more important, but I guess it always was. Miss not seeing you, I guess I'll have to do something to my muscles in order to!!! Many blessings from me to you, always and peace. Barb

  2. Thank you, dear Catherine, for this gift and all the others you have sent this troubled year. They are each beautiful and so very welcome. All of us fortunate enough to receive such love and light take it into our battered hearts and find solace...and most precious of all, hope. Bless you.

  3. Carrie Walker

    Thank you and love and blessings back to you! And thank you for so many pages of beautiful words, thoughts, and photos. Always moving.

  4. Catherine Audette

    Post author

    Thank you everyone for your love too!
    And hearing my desire to share solace out into the world.
    I meant to write, in the post, that if you wish, feel free to share a photo of the spot that helps you come to the place of the sacred this season. Wherever you are in the world. We would love to see that too.

    Thank you again

  5. K

    Your writing and thoughts have been a gift all year. Thank you for you inspired words and sentiments. Wishing you joy as you continue to discover our deep connection to nature. Merry Christmas .


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