Blues and Greens

"Keep the Force, especially through the ionic vibrancy of the ocean's atmosphere
and the green full energy of the forest" Advice Anonymously given

I wake today, on the first of the year
and ask, "what can I do for you today, dear Earth?"
Both today, and this whole year?

I notice, the sun, shining with new found brightness, white light reflecting brilliantly off the ice and other precious areas that preserve water. These spots are hollows and depressions, indentations and contours, places that hold water like prayers, places waiting to express their dreams.

The Elementals permeate the day as well, showing up in their flowy ways, bringing fog, mist, showers and rain; they arrive dancing on the edges of the water and melts; they slide over the frost heaves, and crevasses; they cover the underness. Water reigns and soothes in this in-between place. I feel in between myself today.
I've heard the term "undines" as a way to describe these watery elementals. I like that name.

The crunchy earth thaws and heaves in the changing temperatures of January's weather, resulting in ice mounds and meltings, crevasses and maws. The shifting terrain encourages one to remember to slow down the step.

As I step, the soil feels raw in this fragile transition. The Earth feels not ready for Spring, yet.

And Nor are we, nor are we.
Breathe, dear body; breathe, pause, wait, watch, wonder, suppose, play, dream and believe. And then wait some more.

Soon kind winter will bring days of snow and cold again, enfolding the earth in a gentle embrace, allowing the pregnancy of transformation to continue quietly, and unseen. This embrace allows us all to ready for the Spring within to emerge.

Today, for the Earth, I will listen. I will notice. I will walk.
I will pick up discarded pieces of the puzzle and set them right. I will stay present to what I witness. I will hold hands with myself and other; I will hold hands with the in-between places and feelings.

As a piece of the Earth, a fabric of her tapestry, I also will pay attention to this body ~

For my body - I offer gentleness and attention

For my mind ~ wonderment

For my heart ~ flowers

For my Spirit ~ Breath.

What will it be for you today?

The blue green color of the earth glows bright and then turns to deep turquoise in my mind's eye.
Turquoise deepens and brings in new solutions with new visions emerging in the coming Spring.

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