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"Keep the Force, especially through the ionic vibrancy of the ocean's atmosphere
and the green full energy of the forest" Advice Anonymously given

I wake today, on the first of the year
and ask, "what can I do for you today, dear Earth?"
Both today, and this whole year?

I notice, the sun, shining with new found brightness, white light reflecting brilliantly off the ice and other precious areas that preserve water. These spots are hollows and depressions, indentations and contours, places that hold water like prayers, places waiting to express their dreams.

The Elementals permeate the day as well, showing up in their flowy ways, bringing fog, mist, showers and rain; they arrive dancing on the edges of the water and melts; they slide over the frost heaves, and crevasses; they cover the underness. Water reigns and soothes in this in-between place. I feel in between myself today.
I've heard the term "undines" as a way to describe these watery elementals. I like that name.

The crunchy earth thaws and heaves in the changing temperatures of January's weather, resulting in ice mounds and meltings, crevasses and maws. The shifting terrain encourages one to remember to slow down the step.

As I step, the soil feels raw in this fragile transition. The Earth feels not ready for Spring, yet.

And Nor are we, nor are we.
Breathe, dear body; breathe, pause, wait, watch, wonder, suppose, play, dream and believe. And then wait some more.

Soon kind winter will bring days of snow and cold again, enfolding the earth in a gentle embrace, allowing the pregnancy of transformation to continue quietly, and unseen. This embrace allows us all to ready for the Spring within to emerge.

Today, for the Earth, I will listen. I will notice. I will walk.
I will pick up discarded pieces of the puzzle and set them right. I will stay present to what I witness. I will hold hands with myself and other; I will hold hands with the in-between places and feelings.

As a piece of the Earth, a fabric of her tapestry, I also will pay attention to this body ~

For my body - I offer gentleness and attention

For my mind ~ wonderment

For my heart ~ flowers

For my Spirit ~ Breath.

What will it be for you today?

The blue green color of the earth glows bright and then turns to deep turquoise in my mind's eye.
Turquoise deepens and brings in new solutions with new visions emerging in the coming Spring.


Wishing you the beauty of simplicity,

Wishing you Days of being,
Wishing you Days of walking into the outdoors, into the unknown, and

into the sacred.

Wishing you the time to welcome the the gift of light and rebirth.
Wishing you the time to relish all of these blessings.

I send these cards out to you now, in this post, as envoys of love.

I feel the fibers of light that connect us all, to each other, and to this one blue planet ~ north, south, east and west.

Here are photos of places where friends celebrate both their light, and the sacred of this planet, Here they share the connections with all of us through the gift of photos. So much love to all of you in the season of renewal, of lights and of wonder.

Bufadero in Peru
The Bufadero blow hole
California, Pacific Ocean
Sunrise on Atlantic Ocean
The lights the Solstice night



Eventide ~ the end of the day,

The prayer one whispers to the air as dusk arrives

Singing as vespers, also evening prayer

Lighting candles in welcome to the night.

An archaic meaning ~ Venus when traveling as an evening star

Venus, the prayer that travels in the night

Purple fingers linger above the horizon with the pink clouds as twilight falls. This light lingers long after the setting of the sun. The mystery of light waves on and on into the dark, lingering in all the shadows of day before night fully drapes us all. These purple fingers line the bottom of the pink clouds tonight. Promising a clear night.

To my constant wonder, twilight arrives around 4:00 this time of year where I live. I know for people north of me that is a luxury of light. Still, both it surprises and steadies me. The twilight helps me know where I want to be when the dusk lands. I, like the other creatures of the woods, want to quiet down and prepare for the long night with prayer and fires and silence, knowing that the coming light will help us all rise again, anew.

I started a new ritual of listening to music with my cat, at night. Once the fire warms us and we have cozied in, we listen to his music.

Of all the genres of music, that this dear cat who lives with me listens to, he decidedly prefers the devotional. Not indie nor rock, not house nor lofi, not future garage, downtempo, gospel, classical or choral. Nope, none of this sound gives him pleasure.

He will listen to contemplative piano with a small nod, suggesting possible pleasure.

Mostly, he enjoys a steady hum, a gentle tone, and clear precise harmony. He may give a wink to classic quiet jazz, and he seems to smile when he sees me dancing to certain music, especially if I have the said music playing through my earbuds. For him, though he wants the drone, the ahhs and the mmms.

He prefers the songs that bring meditative quiet; the ones that brings one to balance point of internal stillness, a stillness supported by external sound.

One can discern this appreciation, quite clearly,
because when these songs play,
his body stretches long,
as long as a yardstick.
And he groans with gentle pleasure,
and smiles.

It is good to help him relax in the season of winter when his sensitive body can feel the snows arriving days before anyone else, and his bones cause him to sleep more. When the night arrives early, and the fires are our light and warmth, during these times, I play his favorites.

One time, when he was so ill, that I feared for his life, I put together a playlist of all his favorites. At the time, I hoped the tone of devotion would soothe his ills. Indeed, and to my great joy, he did recover. Since then, my phone will always carry a playlist with his name on it, In honor of his taste. In honor of love. A playlist which also carries my gratitude~ Gratitude for life, for presence, for healing, for devotion, for love.

So when I switch over to this playlist in the evenings, often long after the twilight has melted, when the day has surrendered to night, we bask in the unwinding sounds of 3rds and 4ths, of ohms and namaha's, of kyriés and anandas. I listen, while he dreams his bliss.

Twilight, lingers tonight with an ineffable deep magenta purplish glow now. Gratitude for the quiet descends with the dark as we quietly stoke our inner fires.

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"The blessing of the morning light to you,
may it find you even in your invisible
appearances, may you be seen to have risen
from some other place you know and have known
in the darkness and that that carries all you need.

May you see what is hidden in you
as a place of hospitality and shadowed shelter,
may what is hidden in you become your gift to give,

may you hold that shadow to the light
and the silence of that shelter to the word of the light,
may you join every previous disappearance
with this new appearance, this new morning,

this being seen again, new and newly alive.

"Blessing of the morning light" by David Whyte

Profound visions lie beneath the fabric of November light, hidden to one’s “eye”. Appearing to me as a sense, a deepening, and then as a joining of rhythms to previous quiet places.

The rhythms sing a song to the stars, who in turn respond in their contemplation of Earth with celestial music of their own, gifting us with the circle created.

Some days, when the fog rolls in, covering the ground with deeper mysteries, when memories drift by like wisps on fog tendrils, and keep moving onward, appearances shift into visions of what may be, the breath of possibility.

Some days, when the snow falls, blanketing the landscape, blanketing the previous summer's toils and outbursts, the quiet arrives with relief. The snow-bearing gifts come with a crisp and simple invitation to open to the greater silences, to explore what’s hidden, here.

Today, the song is of silence. Today the appearance is of stillness. Today the silence holds a deep ripening. The more I listen, the deeper I sink.

Winter companions sing confidently this morning, as they flit from branch to feeder and back, covering the ground with more shells of time.
Blankets upon blankets deepening the days, like woolen sweaters upon warm skin, offering comforting inviting covers to crawl under and into.

This invitation to listen to the land, to the visions here, opens a curious quiet doorway. One with potency, fullness and stillness. One that stretches me to remember to hold witness, to hear the songs as they linger, to honor who has come before and then, in turn, sink even deeper under the covers of this November. Dreaming the potent possible, dreaming the conversations with the cosmos.

The Winter will come ~
The Winter will bring the winds that roar as the ocean tides who crash on the solid rock; the winds that bluster and grow with force, mingle and laugh in freedom of expression, and move freely joyfully, through the forests of graceful hemlocks, tall pines and bare bones of hardwood trees.
This beautiful Winter will come,
and the conversations will continue.

Thank you to all of you; thank you for helping me to birth this post; thank you for being you and sharing your songs of you and your lands.

So much love, Namaste

I have been musing on a topic that I would like to pursue here.  I was thinking about the gift of life; it is a gift which the trees offer to us unconditionally. They offer the gift of the oxygen we breath, the wood on which we rely, and the gift of presence. Their presence alone is a gift to any community, regardless of the environment.

It is not these gifts alone that have been the topic of my imaginations. There are so many but the following have been the ones on which I have been musing:

Trees offer us Beauty, a sense of company, the comfort of a witness, proof of the ever-abiding power of the life-force that will grow no matter what the circumstances (one can find a tree growing out of stone), stillness of being in the busy-ness of life, sturdiness in a storm, a reminder to choose flexibility when necessary, and a sense, that despite what we do, think, feel, we have in our midst a constant, loving presence.

It is their love that is what I am focusing on particularly today.  I notice that after a walk in the forest, I feel aligned, once more, in my central truth, that we are love. That in our core, in our highest truth, we are all love.  It is their deep knowing of this very truth that is reflected back to me when I visit the woods.

Daily life and stressful interactions tend to shake our faith and trust in ourselves, and in our truths.  Walking among the trees reminds me of mine. In their presence, I can root deeply in the knowing of my core.  In their loving presence, I am reminded of the love that surrounds me; I can say, "I am Loved."  And those words offer such comfort.

Now, when interactions threaten to overwhelm me, I repeat, "I am loved," over and over. Soon, I find I am calm.  It is a little like what I have heard of the monk Thich Nhat Hanh who with an in-breath says "I am," and on the out-breath, "Peace."

It comes to mind to say, that to lay in the arms of the trunk of a tree is to lie in abiding love that never moves, nor fails to offer support. I bless the trees for reminding me of the support that surrounds me, for reminding me to who I am and of my truth; they remind me that I Am my highest self, when I am rooted in the Love that I am.

When we, like trees, let the Love that we are flow, we begin to transform the structures of our world.