By any other Name

The sky holds the promise of snow today ~
A pink light at dawn, leading to a thickening of cloud-covers overhead. The growing sunshine, which graces us in January, and began this day, ebbs into a deepening. A rising wind will soon call forth the water gathered in these clouds. The very ones that suggest a great snow fall is a-coming.

This possibility, this promise excites me. When the snow falls, I sense a presence, one I can glimpse with the contrast in light and dark, like when the trees hold a background tableau, or the frosty tree tips glow, or the snow lands, covering large swaths of land, transforming what was yesterday, into something new.

Like emissaries, the snow arrives with import, individual expression, and in various languages. Some snows blow sideways, on a wind blown free from the ocean, miles away. Others spiral in intricate patterns in response to eclectic celestial music. And Always the lightness of the snow contrasts the darkness of the treetrunks and branches. All these snowfalls contain a palpable conversation, offered in their unique language. Saying, convening meanings and feelings on their path to landing. Ones that I hope to receive.

I love to watch how the water, air, trees and sun will interact in this felt presence. How they create a conversation like no other, like one between friends. I feel riveted to listening to and witnessing this music and dance, as if all this might teach me something about this thing called being alive, this moment of life,
about me, about you.

I seek to touch this consciousness.

As spirals of white descend in deepening spirals, tree roots, trunks and limbs reach upward in an ascending patterns unique to themselves ~
A continuous flowing stream of conversation and movement.
Myriad threads of moonlight and earthlight interweave in descending and ascending patterns
building a deepening sense of wonder and miracles,
Building a dance of opposites,
creating something new, something ne'er seen before.

The unnameable mixing with and into solid form

I started this post with the desire to find words to "capture" the essences of snow. I hoped I would find a name to give to the snow, that I could be as literate as the Inuit who knew the names of their relations that came in the winter falls.

By the end of this post,
I have surrendered to, come to acceptance of not knowing.
I have found my emptying out of my names and categories, of words and structure, of definable. I understand, in doing so, I have come closer to conveying the sense of the unknowable. I find in this surrender a greater felt sense of the beauty and vastness within the ephemeral, and eternal.

Indeed, within me exists a desire to Understand. To Define, to Describe.
And within me there is also the wise knowing to release all those efforts and witness with compassion to the unfolding. The wise knowing mixes with the mind, just as the earthlights and moonlights mix on the breath of snow, a knowing and unknowing, a spiraling dance

Lovely and ever-changing.

Sun will break through the clouds after this snow,
illuminating with impossible brightness.

"We lose when we try to control;
we gain divinity when we surrender." Laurie Herron

5 thoughts on “By any other Name

  1. Tom Deshaies

    Wow, Catherine!

    I love that you always invite me to slow down and listen, and just be. And, I love that you set out to understand, to know all that the coming snow had to teach you, to say to you, and in the end you learned, (remembered?) that we can't always know. It seems to me it was a journey of faith. You ended up being one with nature!

  2. Meg Oceanna

    This piece so accurately reflects the very gentleness of falling snow. Even when snow is blowing hard, there is something gentle about it due to the size of each tiny flake.
    Last fall I watched dense fog (mist?) slowly creep across my front yard. I could hardly believe the beauty, the magic, the gift I was given as a witness to this seeming miracle. My mind went to "how do these millions of droplets that I can see, individually, not fall to the ground via gravity? How can they simply float there?" My limited knowledge failed me. Thank goodness. I could then just sit back and experience pure joy at the dance.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words with your readers. You have a new fan!

    1. Catherine Audette

      Post author

      Oh thank you!!
      I Love that!!!
      And am moved by your vision off the fog mist, the droplets and their magic
      I am a devotee of water in all forms


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